Latin America on the move at Expo 2020 Dubai

Interviews with the Commissioners-General of Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru

Latin America on the move at Expo 2020 Dubai

Bureau International des Expositions

Expo 2020 Dubai is a point of connection for the whole world, with countries from far and wide participating with their own pavilions in the Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility Districts. Latin American countries are embracing Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, and four of these nations - all participating in the Mobility District – have a particular vision they are keen to share with the world.

H.E. Jorge Daccarett, the Commissioner-General of Chile, Salvador Gomez, the Commissioner-General of El Salvador, Martha Jaramillo, the Commissioner-General of Mexico, and Amora Carbajal, the Commissioner-General of Peru, explain why the Expo is so important and how it serves as a platform for sharing their own countries’ vision for a more sustainable, connected, and high-tech future.

What story is Peru sharing with the world at Expo 2020 Dubai?

Amora Carbajal: The concept of our pavilion is “Peru, wisdom that transcends time and connects us with the planet”. Following this idea, the Peru pavilion welcomes visitors with a large façade, which represents a pattern of listings with icons created evoking the concept of Timeless Peru (timeless and eternal). To start the journey, visitors cross the Q’eswachaka Bridge, a symbol of union and tradition, which transports us to the past and to a “timeless” space of reconnection.

Through its ancestral wisdom that feeds the body and soul, Peru invites visitors to connect with themselves through its environment and to seek balance through its 5,000-year-old philosophy of “good living” (Sumaq kawsay). Peruvians have learned to listen to Mother Earth (Pachamama), to connect with their environment, and to live in harmony with an exceptionally diverse nature. This wisdom allowed them to become one of the great civilisations of the world, and the protagonists of a history of knowledge, creativity, technology and innovation.

"At Expo 2020 Dubai, Peru wants to build bridges with the world"

At Expo 2020 Dubai, we want to build bridges with the world, we want to infect visitors with our DNA, “Peruvianize” them and invite them to learn from the past, to build the present and imagine the future. Our country goes beyond time and place when it comes to innovation and knowledge that it aims to use to build a better world.


In what way is Expo 2020 Dubai a showcase for what Mexico has to offer?

Martha Jaramillo: Expo 2020 Dubai represents a magnificent opportunity for Mexico to strengthen its presence in a region with an enormous potential for trade, culture, knowledge and tourism exchange.

Our pavilion showcases Mexican talent in fields such as music, photography, dance as well as film and world-class audiovisual productions. In the artistic dimension, the pavilion features a technological environment that allows the exploration and enjoyment of the expressions of our cultural diversity, and that invites the discovery of Mexico as a contemporary country.

The exhibition area of the pavilion is a wonderful showcase to impress visitors with the amazing biodiversity and the rich heritage that Mexico boasts; emphasising the monarch butterfly, which also gives us a great chance to address the subject of mobility – the thematic district in which Mexico’s pavilion is located - with a more aesthetic approach and from a human-centered perspective.

"Mexico's pavilion showcases its amazing biodiversity, emphasising the monarch butterfly, which gives us a great chance to address the subject of mobility"

Mexico welcomes visitors from all over the world with its arms wide open. Its richness comes not only from the presence of its cultural heritage, but also the creativity of immigrants from everywhere that together give Mexico a cosmopolitan feeling that values mobility as a fundamental element of its diversity, and makes it a well-known country around the world.

Furthermore, Mexico is acknowledged for its culinary contributions to the world. Its culinary culture is based on corn, the prettiest colours of flowers, spices that characterise Mexico and their many connections to Arab, Asian, African and European traditions.


Chile’s pavilion is inspired by an Antarctic base. What message does it tell visitors about Chile?

Jorge Daccarett: The Chile pavilion is based on three fundamental pillars: sustainable energy, innovation and food security, which are aligned with the vision of the UAE and with the SDGs.

It is inspired by the bases that Chile has in Antarctica, from where Chile is monitoring climate change and its effects on the white continent, to showcase our country’s commitment to sustainability and environment. Inside the pavilion, visitors can see the intense work that Chile is doing in the decarbonisation of its energy matrix, the comparative advantages that our country has for non-conventional renewable energies (solar, wind), the production of the cheapest green hydrogen in the planet, and also about our Maritime Protected Areas policy, to care for water and the oceans.

Visitors are welcomed by 38 penguins, which represent the 38 days that explorer Hernando de Magallanes took to cross the Strait of Magellan 500 years ago. Once inside, they are welcomed by the new Magellans; the innovators and entrepreneurs that are discovering new frontiers with their products and services, such as a way to combat burnout among frontline healthcare workers with the use of 5G and Virtual Reality, or the use of nano copper and 3D printing for anti-bacterial and anti-Covid 19 solutions.

"Chile's pavilion is inspired by the country's bases in Antarctica, from where we monitor climate change and its effects on the white continent"

Finally, the “Flowery Desert” art installation shows how the Atacama desert, the driest in the world, blooms with some rain. As one of the countries most affected by climate hazards, Chile outlines itself as a safe and reliable food supplier to the world, showcasing that with technology and respect for the environment, even deserts can bloom and our valleys can continue to provide food security to different nations.


How does El Salvador’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai embody the country’s future vision?

Salvador Gomez: The main theme for El Salvador at Expo 2020 Dubai is “Starting from scratch to create a better world”. Under this theme, the country is presented as a blank page eager to write its future thanks to the talent of Salvadoran people who wish to fulfill their dreams in a place that supports them and promotes their projects.

The pavilion presents a country that is moving towards being a better place to live and that is realising the dreams of current and future generations, thanks to the creation of sustainable infrastructures that connect people with each other and with nature. It presents a country that visitors may not expect, and one that people from all over the world can discover! It is time to change the world, and El Salvador is the perfect place to start doing it!

"At Expo 2020 Dubai, El Salvador is presented as a blank page eager to write its future"


What is El Salvador showcasing to the world at Expo 2020 Dubai?

Salvador Gomez: El Salvador’s pavilion pursues the objective of positioning the country internationally, by providing a clear declaration of intentions. Expo 2020 Dubai is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the change of the country’s vision towards a more strategic, modern, sustainable, and attractive destination for investments.

The exhibition inside the pavilion provides visitors with a totally immersive experience of El Salvador. Using technology as a catalyst, the visitor journey explains in a comprehensive way how the project is transforming El Salvador into a great destination both for leisure and work travelers, and a global reference for sustainable tourism, with surfing as its main attraction.

El Salvador is changing, is moving, and it’s transforming everything that is happening in life - the economic, social, and political aspects - for a sustainable future. At Expo 2020 Dubai, we are presenting a country with mobility, highlighting world-quality infrastructure and logistics, digital connectivity, energy connectivity, National Strategic Projects, high-quality products and services, tourism (Surf City) and Bitcoin.

"El Salvador is changing, is moving, and it’s transforming everything that is happening in life"

We are promoting upward mobility, with solutions that are improving our education and health system, our economy and environment, the investment and export opportunities, and in general the lives of all Salvadorans. The world needs to move towards positive changes to achieve a better future for this generation and the next. 


How is Chile addressing Expo 2020 Dubai's subthemes?

Jorge Daccarett: We believe that all development must be sustainable, and sustainability is in the ethos of our nation. As a country that relies a high share of its GDP on water for mining, agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture, to name just a few of our main exports, we deeply believe that there is no other way than sustainability in every aspect of our economy, and this is how we have mobilised countries in the same direction as we chaired COP25 last year.

Additionally, Chile has very valuable resources for the future of electromobility, such as copper and lithium. These minerals will play a fundamental role in the electric cars, and we are besides looking forward to their sustainable mining by using green hydrogen in their transportation.

"Chile believes that all development must be sustainable" 


How is Peru addressing the theme of Expo 2020 Dubai and its subthemes Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity?

Amora Carbajal: Peru is on board with the principles of Expo 2020 Dubai as bringing the world together to catalyse an exchange of new perspectives and to inspire action in order to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges. The commercial side should always be linked to the protection of the environment and biodiversity as well as cultural preservation, issues of great importance to all humankind.

The purpose of the Peru pavilion is to offer a holistic experience of learning ancestral Peruvian wisdom. Throughout the journey, four content axes convey the timelessness of Peru: heritage, biodiversity, gastronomy and creativity.

Peru is a benchmark in both gastronomy and food safety. Its influence on the world goes beyond its history; its unique and exclusive abundance of superfoods has crossed borders and nurtured the whole planet.

"The experience of Peru’s pavilion addresses the Mobility of Peru’s influence, the Sustainability of Peruvian wisdom, and the Opportunity of Peru’s industries"

Visitors will also discover that Peruvians have more than 5,000 years experience in creating art as part of their identity. We present a wide array of images, colours and music that showcase modern Peru, its stories, its traditions and its way of celebrating life.

The experience of Peru’s pavilion addresses the three themes of the Expo in a transversal way: the Mobility of Peru’s influence, through the contribution of its wisdom over time; the Sustainability of Peruvian wisdom that is reflected in its traditions; and the Opportunity of Peru’s industries that conquer the world, especially in gastronomy and the export of superfoods.


What can Expo 2020 Dubai bring to Mexico, and what can Mexico bring to Expo 2020 Dubai?

Martha Jaramillo: Expo 2020 Dubai is a magnificent and unique universal forum, that brings people together and encourages, in a productive and intelligent way, the most innovative proposals that humanity has achieved in terms of progress and versatility. It’s a testimony that any challenge can be overcome with determination and joining forces by working together. The World Expo is being held for the first time in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, one of the most dynamic and highly mobile centres in the financial and economic sphere. The United Arab Emirates provides the best platform for the world to participate with a message of opportunity that strengthens the benefits for a better and sustainable future.

"Mexico is proud to participate in Expo 2020 Dubai and to contribute positively to shape a legacy of our historical richness, cultural heritage and modernity"

Mexico is proud to participate in this unique event and to contribute positively to shape a legacy of our historical richness, cultural heritage and modernity. The global environment and technological changes create new challenges and opportunities that call for the transformation of society as a collective will to change as a result of migratory movements, which are a constant of openness, exchange and mobility that connects us globally.

It is an honour to be present at this magnificent Expo 2020 Dubai, a splendid display of imagination and ingenuity that celebrates the proposals of sustainability, opportunity and mobility and prepares us to live a better future. Expo 2020 Dubai is the realisation of what it means to connect minds, and to create the future.


Find out more about the pavilions of Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru on their dedicated websites/social media channels.


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