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The century and a half journey of Thailand’s branding at Expos: unveiling intriguing stories across the last decade

Thailand will participate in Expo 2020 Dubai with the theme

Before people throughout the world can see Thailand through their own eyes as a country blessed with pristine seaside destinations, flavoursome cuisine, a truly-beautiful culture, and the Thai hospitality reflecting the country’s famous nickname, “The Land of Smiles”, it requires effort and dedication to communicate our stories. Multifaceted tales about Thailand, such as our culture and arts, our talk-of-the-town happenings, our country’s milestone projects, as well as our Thai livelihood, should be shown and told to the world in as many ways as possible. A fruitful way to promote the Thailand Brand is to take the centre stage at Expos. These extensive International Exhibitions have been serving as an extraordinarily impactful platform for Thailand to communicate with people from around the world and to gain massive brand exposure for over a century until now.

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