The Inside Expo podcast has released three new episodes in the past week, with two episodes dedicated to the sustainable innovations presented at Expos, and one episode focused on technological advances in communication as seen through Expo 1939 New York and Expo 2020 Dubai.

“Sustainability I: The World’s Oldest Innovator” offers a glimpse of Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, one of the most stunning pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai that embarks visitors on an educational journey that “touches people’s hearts” and makes them feel part of the solution. “Sustainability II: Harnessing the Sun” looks back to Expo 1878 Paris, telling the story of how Augustin Mouchot showcased his novel “solar collector” – an early version of the potential for solar energy – and how this has led to Expo 2020 Dubai today using solar power to produce its own renewable energy.

In “Beyond Sound and Vision”, the story of broadcasting is told by comparing Expo 2020 Dubai’s Virtual Expo and the new technologies it harnesses, with the historic live broadcasting of the opening of Expo 1939 New York – the first ever commercial live broadcast in the history of television.

Inside Expo is a bi-weekly podcast series by Expo 2020 Dubai and produced by Kerning Cultures Network.

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