Milan unveils 21st Triennale int'l exhibition program after 20-year pause

The program of the 21st Triennale di Milano International Exhibition of design, architecture and art, which returns to Milan next April, was unveiled on Saturday.
The Triennale will take place in Milan from April 2 to Sept. 12 in 12 cultural venues across the city and its surrounding area, including the Palazzo dell'Arte but also part of the Expo site that hosted last year Expo Millano 2015 as well as the Fabbrica del Vapore; Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology; Diocesan Museum; and Palazzo della Permanente.
Forty thousand square meters will be dedicated to the XXI Triennale, among which 17,000 on the Expo Milano 2015 site, northwest of the city.
Entitled "21st Century: Design After Design", the 21st Triennale will aim at "exploring the new millennium and its great changes" said Milan Triennale President Claudio De Albertis.
This theme challenges participants – architects, artists and scientists – to explore “new cardinal points” and establish the foundations of culture in the future.
The 2016 edition will gather more than 30 official participants from countries such as Algeria, Canada, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Iran and Mexico.

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It will count 20 exhibits, two summer schools, three international workshops, a theatre program, an award, a festival and dozens of concerts, conferences and meetings.
BIE Secretary-General Vicente G. Loscertales, who attended the presentation, indicated "twenty years after the latest edition, we are very happy to welcome this new international exhibition", which constitutes "an inventory and a vision of the future, a very large vision of what happened during the last 20 years and of future prospective."
BIE Secretary General depicted the Triennale “as a voice that reflects and interprets the transformation of the society ", retrieving the link between creativity, history, philosophy and architecture. “This edition, by spreading the event in the most beautiful places in and around Milan and therefore transforming the city in an unique festival, will encourage new developments and will constitute an opportunity of education to the quality of life" he indicated.

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