About half of the wood cut down every year around the world is used to produce energy, mostly as fuel for cooking and heating. While this significant and unsustainable use of wood fuel perpetuates deforestation and contributions towards carbon emissions, the livelihoods and survival of many of the world’s poorest people relies on such energy, with one third of the global population dependent on wood or charcoal for cooking.

As demand for fuel continues to rise in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and South America, providing sustainable alternatives is essential to cut emissions and protect respiratory health. One company addressing this challenge is the Benin-based Almighty Services Plus, one of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Expo Live Global Innovators.

By creating charcoal briquettes from organic waste such as coconut shells and sawdust, the company provides households with a form of fuel that is not only more environmentally friendly, but also longer-burning and safer for indoor use.

Use of the briquettes has resulted to at least 750 tonnes of wood being saved from logging every month – cutting CO2 emissions by more than 1,500 tonnes per year.

With the exposure from the Expo Live Programme, the young team of six people behind Almighty Services Plus aims to expand its sustainable charcoal distribution and gain support for its reforestation campaign.

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