The latest episodes of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Inside Expo podcast look at the architecture of some of the Expo’s most prominent landmarks, as well as the Expo’s role in incubating and showcasing Artificial Intelligence technologies.

In a three-part series dedicated to some of the Expo site’s iconic architecture, Inside Expo episodes 30-32 look at the stories behind the conception and construction of the Expo Portals, Al Wasl Plaza, and ‘Surreal’, the Expo water feature. With interviews of their architects as well as the Expo officials overseeing their development, the episodes look at how these breathtaking and deeply symbolic structures were brought to life.

Meanwhile, ‘The Limitless Potential of Artificial Intelligence’ looks at how Expo 2020 Dubai is an ideal incubator to experiment with AI technology and to inspire future generation to further its development. Citing the example of the United Kingdom’s pavilion, which uses AI to create a collective poem from words contributed by visitors, it emphasises the potential for AI to bring people closer together.

 Inside Expo is a podcast series by Expo 2020 Dubai and produced by Kerning Cultures Network.

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