With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic having led to various degrees of restrictions around the world – often for extended periods – keeping an active body and mind emerged as a key challenge. This is of particular importance for children and teenagers, whose active lifestyles were in some cases abruptly halted by stay-at-home limitations and school closures.

Recognising the importance of exercise in children’s mental and physical development, Chile-based NGO Fútbol Más promotes socio-sport sessions to strengthen core values such as respect, responsibility, creativity and teamwork, as well as to promote well-being among children in vulnerable neighbourhoods. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the NGO adapted its programme by launching a series of videos encouraging children and teens to keep active through physical and recreative activities. Shared widely on social media networks, the ‘Mi Casa, Mi Cancha’ series provided young people and their families with practical and fun sports challenges, as well as useful tips and advice on keeping fit and healthy.

With no equipment required to carry out the challenges, the initiative was designed to reach all communities during a time when many young people were separated from their peers. Developed internationally, the programme was one of five special projects added to Expo 2020 Dubai Global Best Practices for its impact in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic.

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