World Expo Museum wants you to design its logo

World Expo Museum Logo design competition

Logo design solicitation

Designers of the world, listen up. The Shanghai-based World Expo Museum (WEM) has launched an international competition for the design of its logo. Anyone can participate, from individuals and teams of designers, to students and design lovers from across the world. Design proposals can be submitted until June 30th 2014 at 10 PM Beijing time. The winner will receive a prize of 50 000 RMB (about 8 000 US dollars) and a tour of Expo Milan 2015. The 50 shortlisted candidates will also receive a reward for their participation.

The WEM, scheduled to open in 2016, will be the first museum entirely dedicated to World Expos. Expos, also known as World's Fairs, are international events that aim at educating the public on crucial challenges of our times, showcasing innovation and fostering progress. The museum will strive to encapsulate this spirit though its positioning "Window to the world."

The World Expo Museum project

The World Expo Museum project

The museum will showcase the history of World's Fairs and the life changing innovations they launched, the significance of Expo Shanghai 2010 and the ambition of Future Expos. Through these three pillars, the WEM hopes to offer the world a museum of a new kind, based on interactive and innovative technologies and cultural activities for all and a place where the people from Shanghai and the whole world can imagine the future together.

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