Will Rotterdam bid for Expo 2025?

The idea of a World Expo in Rotterdam came as early as 2014 out of an entrepreneurial initiative. It was based on the realization that the growth of the world economy into the next century will predominantly take place in the deltas and that deltas are always situated in vulnerable geographical positions.

Based on the theme “Changing Currents/Deltas in Transition”, the idea of a bid for Rotterdam 2025 is to use the Expo as a platform to rethink our economy and progress to a more sustainable one. Bidding for the Expo 2025 gradually received support and commitment from major Dutch companies, universities, NGOs, cultural institutions, various governments and organizations as well as individuals.

Rotterdam’s Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb stated: “World Expo’s attract innovative entrepreneurs from all around the world. It is a chance to show what we are able to achieve, as a city but also as a country.”
A plan has already been drawn to host the Expo on available land in Rotterdam, in the Merwe-Four Port Area, Rhine and Maashaven and the area around the Boompjes / Water City.

2025 rotterdam

The proposal for Expo 2025 has now been submitted to the Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure & Environment and Foreign Affairs. These ministries are assessing the plans based on a social cost-benefit analysis. According to some Dutch newspapers, the government of the Netherlands will determine its position in March.

In accordance with the Regulations of the BIE, the Government of a State wishing to organise a World Expo, can only submit its candidature a maximum of nine years and a minimum of six years before the opening date of that Expo, but once a candidate files its bid to the BIE for an Expo, the other candidates have a maximum of six-month to state their intention to compete for the same World Expo.

The Netherlands has never hosted a World or International Expo but organized 6 Horticultural Expos.
Rotterdam hosts the biggest and most important port in Europe. The city is featured in the Rough Guides and in the New York Times as a city that you must visit and is often nicknamed the architectural capital of the Netherlands.