Upcoming Expos: a full agenda at the BIE

On Nov. 26th, the BIE held its 156th General Assembly during which the advancements of upcoming Expos were presented to the BIE delegates.

La Triennale di Milano

The major point on the agenda was the recognition of the XX1 Triennale 2016. After several years of preparation, the Triennale di Milano can now officially start organizing the event and inviting participants. As is tradition, the BIE Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly handed the BIE Flag over to the Vice-President of the Triennale, Ms Clarice Pecori Giraldo and its Director General, Mr Andrea Cancellato.

triennale recognition

This particular recognition has a special significance as it marks the rebirth, after a gap of 20 years, of an Expo that has great historical importance in the BIE. "Milan Triennale was, in 1933, the first exhibition registered by and held under the BIE competence. This primacy flatters our pride, but at the same time may only increase our gratitude for the recognition that BIE grants to our constant activity" expressed Ms Pecori Giraldo.


Expo Milano 2015

Another Expo that will be held in Milan is, of course, Expo 2015 due to open in just a few months. Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015, updated the BIE on the progress of all aspects of the project. The recent announcement of the participation of the Netherlands and the reconfirmation of Turkey have risen the number of participating countries to 148. Construction on the Expo site has been accelerated and the current 1 600 daily workers will be increased to 2 600. 6,5 million tickets have already been sold. "This important result is encouraging in view of our challenging target of 20 million visitors" assured Mr Sala. Another good news is the successful call for Best Practices: 786 projects have been submitted. A selection committee will study these cases and 15 will be presented at the Expo.


World Expo Museum

The advancements of a major project co-developed by the municipality of Shanghai and the BIE, the World Expo Museum, were also presented to the Member States of the Bureau. Located on the former site of Expo Shanghai 2010, the museum will be the first dedicated to World Expos. It is due to open in 2016. "The World Expo Museum will undoubtedly become a cultural landmark in Shanghai and an important highlight in Shanghai's strategy to become an international cultural metropolis" expects Ms Lorelei Liu, Director of the Museum. The museum will present the history of World Expos, Expo Shanghai 2010 and Future Expos.


Expo Antalya 2016

2016 will be a busy year, as a 3rd project will be launched: the horticultural Expo Antalya 2016. Expo Antalya representatives are engaged in involving the international community in the event and are currently focusing on theme development and construction of the Expo site. They revealed the tower inspired by the shape of a palm tree that will become the symbol of the Expo and a great legacy for the city.


Expo Astana 2017

Since its recognition at the last General Assembly, Expo Astana 2017 has invited countries to participate as well as 12 international organizations. From now until 2016, Expo teams will travel the world to meet with State representatives and present them the Expo project. Expo 2017 has also launched a series of events to engage with potential participants, prepare the scientific content of the Expo and promote the event. "Kazakhstan is taking all necessary measures to ensure a successful Expo" assured Mr. Rapil Zhoshybayev, the Commissioner of EXPO 2017 and the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Expo Beijing 2019

After Astana 2017, the next Expo will be the Horticultural Expo of Beijing 2019. The Expo will start inviting countries to participate in the first half of 2015 and, while preparing for the event, Beijing 2019 will be present in all upcoming Expos to promote the Expo. "The Chinese government regards Expo 2019 as an important platform to display its achievements in ecological conservation, promote international exchanges and cooperation concerning green industries and the philosophy of green development. » explained Mr. Whang Jinzhen, Vice-Chairman of the CCPIT.


Expo Dubai 2020

Dubai, who won the right to host Expo 2020 exactly one year ago, also presented how the project is moving forward. Last June, the Bureau Dubai Expo 2020 was formed to offer all stakeholders and team members a common working entity. "We have been building a very robust infrastructure that will allow us to deliver an exceptional event" said HE Mohammad Al Shaibani, Deputy Chairman of the Expo 2020 Higher Committee.


and beyond...

Expo 2020 isn't the last project in sight however. After the announcement in June that the polish city of Lodz might bid for Expo 2022, the delegate of the Netherlands to the BIE announced Rotterdam is considering the opportunity to present its candidature for Expo 2025. Both cities will be able to submit their project to the BIE from 2016.