The 157th BIE General Assembly: Expos works schedules at a glance

On June 9th, the BIE held its 157th General Assembly during which the progress of upcoming Expos and the first outcomes of Expo Milano 2015 were presented to the BIE delegates.

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Expo Milano 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

The report of Expo Milano 2015 focused on the results of the first month of the event. According to the organizers' data, the first 31 days saw a presence of 2.7 milion visitors at the Exhibition Site.
Since May 1st, more than 400 events have been organized on the Expo Site. Besides National days, a rich cultural programme has been implemented since the first days of the Expo and it is continuosly growing. Overall, the success of the opening, the involvement of Participants and the engagement of the public confirm the great start of Expo Milano 2015.

Expo Astana 2017 "Future Energy"

It is clear now that the Expo 2017 site will be an impressive display of some of the most sophisticated and modern buildings. Construction continues at a brisk pace and, as of today, all the foundation work and ground floors are complete. The centrepiece of the Expo site will be the spherical Kazakhstan pavilion, which is one of the most complex structures ever constructed in the world.
With construction moving on schedule, the Expo organizers have begun to focus more on the theme development and the four thematic pavilions – "World of Energy", "Energy for Life", "Energy for All", and "My Future Energy". Each pavilion will have expressions of future energy-related information that will provide a unique experience for all visitors. The construction and installation works will begin later this year and continue into 2016.
The international promotion of Expo 2017 is going on and 27 countries have already officially confirmed their participation in the Exhibition.

Expo Dubai 2020 "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future"

The Expo 2020 report provided the BIE General Assembly with a detailed overview of the upcoming registration dossier to be submitted for the BIE's approval in November.
The Expo Dubai 2020 team also shared an update on a national campaign to raise awareness and encourage enthusiasm that started in early March with an exhibition of contemporary art to explain and expound on the Expo theme. In addition, there is a road show targeted at younger citizens in universities, featuring specially designed exhibits rolling across the country to enable people to gain a better understanding of values and the true meaning of Expos.

More recently, a design completion for the Expo logo received over 18,000 submissions.

In addition to essential public awareness, Expo organizers have already brought together key leaders of large-scale businesses and SMEs in two distinct events launching the engagement program to senior members of the business community. Attended by more than 250 of the leading firms in the region, these events explained the potential of a World Expo and provided details of the Expo 2020 project.

Expo Antalya 2016 "Flowers and Children"

The organizers of the International Horticultural Exhibition Antalya 2016 started the superstructural works in February 2015. Significant progress has been made in the building of a Congress Centre, Amphitheatres, Logistic Buildings, Indoor Gardens and many other structures.

A significant effort has also been made in the promotion of the Expo. In order to raise the national and international awareness of this event, the Expo Agency took part in 144 activities, such as, fairs, festivals and various meetings between November 2014 and June 2015. As of today, 26 countries have decided to participate in Expo Antalya 2016.

Expo Beijing 2019 « Live Green, Live Better »

At the request of the BIE, Beijing Horticultural Expo Coordination Bureau further developed the theme of the Expo from five aspects, namely "Green Development", "Horticulture in Life", "Harmonizing in Harmony", "Education and the Future", and "A Home for the Soul". Five major pavilions, including China Pavilion, the Comprehensive Pavilion, the Performance Center, the Science and Technology Pavilion, and the Flora Pavilion, have been designed and their locations in the Expo Park have already been determined. Considerable efforts in the creation of a legal framework and the protection of intellectual property for the Expo have also been made.

In order to expand the influence of the Expo at home and abroad through the Internet and meet the demand for exhibitors, visitors, and operation managers, the official website of the Beijing Expo 2019 went online on April, 27. Extensive publicity and promotion were carried out during the Week of Beijing in Expo Milano 2015 through a series of activities to make full use of the platform of Expo Milano 2015.

With the aim of providing sound support for Beijing Expo 2019, the city of Beijing initiated the planning and construction of municipal infrastructure including roads and utilities. The municipal infrastructure and transport system plan and implementation program for the Park and surrounding area has been completed and undergone the approval process. The urban construction planning and the adjustment plan for comprehensive land use are basically complete.

Triennale of Milan "21st Century. Design after Design"

After the recognition of the 21st Triennale at the previous BIE General Assembly in November 2014, the official invitation letters were sent by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all BIE member countries. Triennale had a very quick return of interest from a number of Countries, such as, Great Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Korea, Japan, Panama and Singapore. This interest allows to schedule the first international Participants' meeting for September 30.

Speaking of exhibition areas, there will be a total of 18.000 square meters, considering the Triennale building itself and the other premises in Milan and nearby.

The next meeting with upcoming Expos is expected on November 25th, 2015, when the 158th BIE General Assembly will be held.