Last international preparation meetings before EXPO 2015 Opening

IPM 2015 Platform 10

The Expo Milano 2015 will open its gates in one-month-time and today, the fourth and last edition of the International Participants Meeting (IPM) and the third meeting of the Steering Committee take place in Milan, continuing and fostering the discussions and exchanges between the Organisers and the Participants.

IPM are organised annually during the years leading to the opening of a Universal Exposition. These annual meetings are a key stepping stone in the organisation of any Expo: the most important meeting and sharing opportunity for the Host Country, Participants and the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).
The focus of this last edition is put on operations and on the functioning of the Expo as well as on the elements that would constitute the visitors experience.
This last EXPO 2015 IPM marks the end of a long phase of preparation and the beginning of the final stage and is critical since it gives the Organisers and the Participants the opportunity to clarify and exchange on all the outstanding issues.

The Secretary General of the BIE, Mr. Vicente G. Loscertales, in his introductory speech, stressed that Expo preparations and implementations mean "shared responsibility". He noted that the "the real strength of Expos lies in the interdependence between participants and organisers and on managing it properly from both sides".

The third meeting of Steering Committee, chaired by Ms Albina Assis Africano, Commissioner General of the Pavilion of Angola, takes place around the IPM. It provides an additional platform to rapidly address any critical issue addressed by the participants.

The Steering Committee, composed of 28 BIE Member States is an important element in World Expos. Its mission is to adequately represent all the Commissioner Generals of the Expo in matters of common concern before and during the Expo.

Both events provide additional opportunities for the Organisers and the Participants to strengthen their coordination and communication and to continue joining their efforts towards the final implementation of the Expo.