Host City 2016 conference looks to the future of global events

The Deputy Secretary General of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), Dimitri Kerkentzes, has participated in global events conference ‘Host City 2016’, being held on 21-22 November in Glasgow, the United Kingdom.

The conference, which gathers over 50 experts in the field of major events, ranging from logistics and security to marketing, branding and tourism, is being held under the theme “Creating Safe and Engaging Events.” Organisers and promoters of global events are faced with new challenges and opportunities, with new trends in the digital era changing public expectations but also providing new means of engagement.

The Deputy Secretary General of the BIE, Dimitri Kerkentzes, speaking at Host City 2016

Mr. Kerkentzes represented the BIE on a panel discussion entitled “What does the future hold for major global events?”. Panelists focused their attention on good governance, legacy and public opinion, security, and communicating major events in the age of digital media.

Emphasising the scale of World Expos, which attract more visitors than any other global event, the Deputy Secretary General stated that the BIE must provide a framework that protects the rights of host countries and international participants, and that guarantees the quality and success of these world events. The Expo experience “should educate and entertain visitors by offering engaging and immersive activities around the theme of the Expo”, according to Mr. Kerkentzes, who added that “public engagement in an Expo is key to ensuring its success. This can be ensured by captivating and engaging the public from an early phase, taking them on a journey that continues through to the Expo and into its legacy.”

The Chief Operating Officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, Simon Clegg, was also on the panel, offering attendees an insight into Dubai’s experience as it prepares to host the next World Expo.

Known as “the largest international meeting of cities and sports, business and cultural events”, the Host City Conference and Exhibition has been organised on an annual basis since 2014. It is attended by city representatives, event organisers, suppliers, and those who hold the rights to organise global events.