Astana holds 2nd International Participants Meeting

The two-day Second International Participants Meeting (IPM) of Expo 2017 Astana opened today in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The Second Meeting brings together more than 270 representatives of 102 countries and international organisations.

IPMs are organised annually during the years leading to the opening of an International or World Exhibition. These annual meetings are a key stepping stone in the organisation of any Expo: the most important meeting and sharing opportunity for the host country, participants and the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).

2017 astana ipm 03

The latest developments, from the construction of the site to the content of the exhibition with the Theme plan and of the selection of best practices, are being addressed and discussed with the participants. This 2nd Expo 2017 IPM is a critical step since it gives both the Organisers and the Participants the opportunity to clarify and exchange on all outstanding issues.
According to the different presentations, various preparation works, such as the construction of the Expo Site, the preparations of Astana city, the Expo operational and activity plans are progressing in an intense and orderly way.

2017 astana ipm 05

In his introductory speech, the Secretary General of the BIE, Mr. Vicente G. Loscertales, stressed the fact that Expo preparations and implementations mean "shared responsibility". He noted that "the real strength of Expos lies in the interdependence between participants and organisers to create together an incredible experience for all".

2017 astana ipm 04

Expo 2017 is expected to draw five million visits during its three-month duration. It will coincide with Astana’s 20th anniversary, the nation’s capital. Under the theme « Future Energy », Expo 2017 Astana will promote efforts to find sustainable energy solutions to meet growing global demand.