For some, the prospect of visiting a World Expo is an opportunity that cannot be missed. When Expo 1967 took place in Montreal, Tony Whittemore and his brother Jeff, aged only 11 and 9, were desperate to discover the Expo’s magic. The only problem – they lived 350 miles away, in Needham, Massachusetts.

Undeterred, the boys’ mother came up with the idea for the brothers to travel to the Expo on a cart pulled by the family pony, King. Seizing this occasion, Tony and Jeff embarked on a life-changing journey and, supported by the kindness of those they encountered on their journey, safely arrived at the Expo site – to a hero’s welcome - on 1 August 1967.

Discover the fascinating story of the adventure of the ‘Pony Boys’ in this New York Times documentary short film by Eric Stange, which recounts how the unique journey came about and how the three travelers were greeted when they finally arrived at their destination. Featuring testimonies from the two protagonists some 55 years after their remarkable trip, the Op Docs feature goes to show just how far inspiration can take those who are determined enough.


Click here to view Pony Boys via New York Times Op Docs. 

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