With two billion people in the world lacking access to toilet facilities, poor sanitation is a global problem responsible for the transmission of diseases, malnutrition and an estimated 432,000 deaths annually. This issue is easily preventable, with investment in improved sanitation reaping significant long-term benefits on health and well-being.

Poor sanitation, compounded by natural disasters such as earthquakes, have had devastating consequences on Haiti’s population. To address these issues where people are affected the most, SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) – selected as one of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Expo Live Global Innovators – has implemented social business models to improve sanitation in the country’s urban areas. Using an ecological approach named EcoSan, with a closed system that does not need water, the non-profit organisation supports the installation of simple and affordable container-based sanitation systems (CBS) in Haitian households.

SOIL’s circular economy initiative has led to 6,000 people gaining access to safe sanitation. In addition to providing potentially life-saving services, the CBS method transforms more than 50 metric tonnes of human waste into safe, organic, agricultural-grade compost each month via two composting waste-treatment facilities, with the compost being used in addressing soil erosion and deforestation.

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