At least 2.2 billion people are blind or visually impaired. That’s more than a third of the global population who may have difficulties with daily tasks that are dependent on the ability to see correctly: checking expiration dates, distinguishing colours, reading instructions, etc.

To help address this and provide more opportunities for all, Expo 2020 Dubai’s global innovation and partnership programme, Expo Live, selected Be My Eyes as one of its Global Innovators. The app connects the visually impaired with volunteers through a video-call feature, allowing users to ‘see’ through the eyes of another. Each volunteer is capable and motivated to make a small but positive impact on someone’s life though this app. With more than 4 million volunteers from more than 150 countries, offering some 180 languages, users know there will always be someone on hand to pick up their calls.

Working on the belief that “sight is a human right”, Be My Eyes has built an international network ready to offer personal and professional help, whether it is reading a greetings card, getting ready to go on stage, or distinguishing the right types of material to use.

Expo Live backs projects with creative solutions to pressing challenges, helping to improve people’s lives or preserve the planet. With the support of Expo Live, Be My Eyes has managed to expand its network and become an exemplary model for other apps that assist different forms of disability.

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