A greener way to welcome refugees

A greener way to welcome refugees

When people are forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution or natural disaster, the provision of basic necessities is the utmost priority, but their welfare is also heavily dependent on the environment of where they settle. Deforestation, soil erosion and the depletion and pollution of water resources are among the most significant challenges that can be associated with the arrival and residency of internally displaced people and refuges.

Proactively tackling this challenge, Land Life Company and the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR have developed a Green Refugee Camp, which has been selected as one of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practices. First launched in 2017, the project has led to the creation of sustainable and ecologically considerate refugee camp in Minawao in northern Cameroon.

Home to 63,000 refugees from Nigeria, the Minawao camp has undergone a green revolution. More than 100 hectares of degraded land has been reforested, while plastic tents and wood fuel are being replaced by sustainably produced shelters and eco-friendly alternatives. Furthermore, the project is improving the lives of residents, with greater shade and food production, and sustainable crops creating job opportunities. With 80 million people around the world forcibly displaced, the reproduction of such initiatives can only be encouraged.


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