2. Proposed Site

Azerbaijan’s project for Baku Expo 2025 is to construct the site east of the city. Two hundred hectares of undeveloped land, set between two growing suburbs, would be transformed into a major extension of the city with a fully integrated transport infrastructure. It would be the world’s newest urban park; an authentic and natural location that is both a beautiful and attractive addition to Baku.

Reflecting the theme, “Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future”, the site would create opportunities for individual thought, collective action and global interconnection.

From above, it would resemble an eight-pointed star – the national emblem of Azerbaijan. While the intricate, geometric patterns of Azerbaijan’s world-renowned carpets provide design inspiration for the plazas and leisure spaces. At the centre, an iconic building – the Azerbaijan National Pavilion – would be the main point of reference as visitors navigate through pavilions and parkland.

The Baku Expo 2025 site would be an illustration of the future function of urban spaces within the theme of “Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future”, and a permanent legacy for residents and visitors to enjoy.

As part of that legacy, the site could be easily converted to a natural park at the end of the Expo. And the Azerbaijan National Pavilion would be transformed to house a permanent exhibition, educating visitors about the country’s achievements in economic, social and humanitarian fields since regaining independence in 1991.