1. Proposed Theme

The theme – “Developing Human Capital, Building a Better Future” – is of global importance. It aims to have an impact on every individual, in every society, in every country.

Human capital is humanity’s collective potential. The sum of its creativity and knowledge. Its talent and experience. Its ingenuity and promise.

Azerbaijan’s project for Expo 2025 is an exploration of how human ability, in all its forms, could be best applied across all aspects of society for the benefit of everyone.

The three sub-themes align with three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are:

Talent: The Future of Education. The possibilities are endless, but only attainable with education, the nurturing of talent and an assimilation of skills. The project for Baku Expo 2025 is to enhance global understanding of how to maximise the potential of our human capital through education.

Vitality: The Future of Health. The ability to work and live a long, meaningful and healthy life is a fundamental human right and the foundation for the achievement of our potential. The project for Baku Expo 2025 is to provide a fresh perspective to the exploration of how the health component of human capital could be nurtured.

Achievement: The Future of Work. Human capital looks to the ultimate goal of productivity from a workforce. But how is productive work redefined in a world of automation and what does it mean for the future of employment? The project for Baku Expo 2025 is to bring rigour to the debate, testing how to achieve on a personal, community and, ultimately, a global level.