3. About Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is located in the central part of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia. The city is located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, in the valley of the Iset River, a tributary of the Tobol River. Ekaterinburg municipality covers an area of 1,143 ha. 

The central location of the city has determined its key role in the European-Asian transport and trade system, which has contributed to the development of Ekaterinburg as a major centre of transport, distribution, trading and intermediation on both a regional and international level.

Its favourable economic and geographical position and high potential in terms of industry, academia, labour, engineering and culture enables Ekaterinburg to perform important geopolitical functions.

Today, Ekaterinburg is more than just a major transportation hub and a modern industrial metropolis. It also stands at the forefront of scientific and medical progress, actively engaging in research and innovation. The city’s medical facilities are traditionally known for providing exceptional healthcare services. 

2. Proposed Site

The proposed 500 ha World Expo site is situated in the western part of Ekaterinburg, just 3 km from the city centre and close to the symbolic border between Europe and Asia, which lies within the city. The Expo Site would house 103 pavilions, with 147 countries expected to participate.

The site was chosen due to its close location to the city centre, ensuring its infrastructural availability and accessibility. The site’s landscape highlights the Urals’ distinctive colours and beautiful natural surroundings, adjoining the Verkh-Isetsky pond to the north and a rolling forest to the west. To the east and south, the site borders with residential areas and the city infrastructure.

During the Expo, all kinds of entertainment, cultural and recreational activities at newly-built venues would be arranged around the embankment, the main ones being the Amphitheatre, the Concert Hall, the Expo Arena and the Multimedia Playground & Cinema.

Staging the most high-profile and innovative international event to run smoothly while hosting Expo 2025 means ensuring the best, distraction-free experience for its participants and visitors. Ekaterinburg would provide all visitors with world-class accommodation, which would become a sustainable social legacy for generations of citizens after the end of World Expo 2025.


1. Proposed Theme

The proposed theme for World Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg is “Changing the World: Innovations & Better Life for Future Generations.” It expresses the global need for a renewed and responsible reflection on the world and the challenges humanity faces. It does so by focusing on Humanity and Innovation as interlinked drivers to improve Quality of Life. It addresses the universal phenomenon of innovative development and progress that affects human existence throughout the world.

The theme is presented as a unique opportunity to explore and reflect on the living social process, dominated by continuous technological change. In this regard, Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg would be a critical platform to study, analyse and interpret the conceptual triad of People, Innovation and Quality of Life. Balancing each element of this triad is a difficult task and dependent on the approach taken, while the result shapes the path our world will take.

Today, technology, trade interests and commercial pressures often become the driving framework for geopolitical decision-making. Thus the theme’s relevance to the world across so many fields cannot be overstated. Understanding innovation’s implications for the future would be part of the core mission of Expo 2025.

The theme would bring together researchers, innovators, policymakers and entrepreneurs to discuss the future impact of innovative technologies. It would open up a dialogue to explore the changes and economic impacts that innovation produces. The innovation process itself — and its technological base — affects all fundamental aspects of lives across every field.


Ekaterinburg, Russia

Russia’s bid is for a World Expo in the city of Ekaterinburg between 2 May and 2 November 2025 under the theme “Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations”.

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