Specialised Expo 2027/28

Candidature Phase

Until the closing of the candidate list

The six-month candidature phase for Specialised Expo 2027/28 was launched on 29 July 2021 when the United States of America notified the BIE of its candidature. This was followed by Thailand’s candidature, submitted to the BIE on 11 January 2022. The BIE will close the candidature list on 28 January 2022 at 5pm CET.

Once the list is closed, the project examination phase of the candidature process will be launched, during which each candidate will submit a detailed candidature dossier. The BIE will then organise Enquiry Missions and assess the feasibility and viability of each candidature project. The host country of Specialised Expo 2027/28 will then be elected by BIE Member States gathered in a General Assembly, on the principle of one country, one vote.

FB World Expo 25 1200 Eng Oct16

Etats Unis

United States of America



Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Wellness and Well-Being for All


15 May - 15 August 2027

Etats Unis




Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity


20 March - 17 June 2028