Triennale Takes Milan

La Triennale di Milano has, for the first time since its official opening on 2 April 2016, presented its Progress Report to Member States of the Bureau International Expositions (BIE), during their 159th General Assembly on 15 June.

Back after a 20-year-hiatus, the XX1 Triennale is different from past editions, and is based on the theme ‘21st Century. Design After Design’. While past Triennale exhibitions were always held in a single location and focused on the future, the current edition has a presence in 19 sites and simultaneously addresses the past, present and future.

Mr. Andrea Cancellato, Director General of the Triennale di Milano

The different exhibition sites include museums (the MUDEC Museum of Cultures , the Triennale Design Museum), Universities (the University of Milan and Milan Politecnico) and symbolic locations including La Fabbrica del Vapore, the Hangar Bicocca, and the Pirelli Tower. Furthermore, since last month, the ‘City after the City’ exhibition has been hosted at the heart of the former site of Expo 2015 on a surface covering 17,000m2.

Twenty-seven thematic exhibitions exploring the theme of design are spread throughout the city of Milan and its surroundings. These exhibitions look at the tradition and history of design, its definition today, and its future applications and implications, accompanied by a rich and diversified cultural programme.

Following Expo 2015, Milan changed its colours into those of the XX1 Triennale and welcomed a new “mascot”, a symbolic object that resembles a sort of a yellow totem, reminiscent of the East-Berlin Fernsehturm. The object, presented in different situations of daily life, is a reminder of the importance, in the 21st century, of the presence of Design in our lives.

As with the World Expo in 2015, Milan is once again opening the doors to the world with the Triennale. This 21st edition of the exhibition reflects the growing role of new countries in the world of design; 33 countries are participating in the Triennale with 39 exhibitions. Alongside known and renowned countries in the field of design, such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Japan, the XX1 Triennale also lets visitors discover design from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Lebanon, Myanmar, Liberia and South Sudan, all participating around the theme ‘Design after Design’.

Between the beginning of April and end of May, the XX1 Triennale welcomed over 258,700 visitors. The XX1 Triennale Delegation reminded the BIE General Assembly that workshops, conferences, shows, events and meetings will continue taking place in and around the city until 12 September, when the XX1 Triennale will close.