The XXI Triennale 2016 with Clarice Pecori Giraldi

La Triennale di Milano - Vice President Clarice Pecori Giraldi

Last week, the XXI Triennale 2016 was granted recognition by the BIE. This means the Expo organisers can officially prepare for the event and start inviting participants. This recognition has special historic significance since XX1 Triennale will mark the rebirth of this iconic Milanese design event after a gap of 20 years.

In a flash interview, Ms Clarice Pecori-Giraldi, Vice President of the Triennale di Milano (the organizer of the event), tells us about the content of the Expo and how it will interact with Expo Milano 2015.

How is the Triennale preparing the content of the 2016 Expo?

The Triennale has hosted several weeks ago the first of several meetings between the Scientific committee of the XXI Triennale, the general public and institutions. It was very interesting. What has come back is that the theme of the Triennale, Design after Design has implications that go beyond the object designed and question what is behind the object. And that is labour. So XXI Triennale 2016 will not only be addressing "Design after Design" but maybe also "Labour after Labour".

The Triennale will be hosting Expo Milano 2015's Art and food area. Could you tell us about this participation in the Expo?

The art and food area is going to be set in the building of the Triennale. It will be the Expo's only location inside Milan. We expect a lot of traffic to this exhibition. It will be very interesting to see Expo 2015 finding its own voice in our building.

Will you use Expo 2015 to communicate on XXI Triennale 2016?

Definitely we will. We will be presenting the history of Triennale in the art and food area, and we will also be inviting visitors to come back in 2016.