How horticulture can reshape our cities (Video)

Today, the world celebrates the International Earth Day. This year's edition is dedicated to the theme of Green Cities, a concept strongly advocated by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) who we organize Horticultural Expos with.

With over 50% of the world population living in urban areas, the sustainable development of cities has become a pressing issue. We asked Tim Breiercliffe, Secretary General of the AIPH, to tell us about the organization's vision of the Green city concept and how horticulture can improve the quality of life and ecological footprint of cities.

In a few words :
The Green City concept, as seen by the AIPH, is about promoting the benefits of green planting in urban areas. There is scientific evidence that proves plants are good for human health but also for social well-being, environmental improvement and economic performance. In times of economic crisis however, urban greening tends to suffer from budget cuts. By advocating the Green City concept, the AIPH aims at getting it back on the national and international agendas. In this endeavour, Horticultural Expos are a very interesting tool as they can show, display and put into practice what a Green City can be.

Villa Flora, Horticultural Expo of 2012 in Venlo

Villa Flora, Horticultural Expo of 2012 in Venlo

About horticultural Expos with AIPH President Mr Vic Krahn (video)

We took advantage of the AIPH Spring Meeting last week to ask a few questions to the President of the Association, Mr. Vic Krahn on the objectives of Horticultural Expos.

In a few words:
Horticulture Expos are unique events that bring international attention to the field of horticulture and that display how horticulture can be used to develop more sustainable cities. With over 50% of the total world population living in cities today, the issue of ensuring a sustainable quality of life in urban areas has become essential. Horticultural Expos aim at sharing best practices, sharing opportunities, and raising awareness at an international level but also at a national and local level. The ultimate goal of Horticultural Expos is to boost the development of sustainable green infrastructure in cities, starting with Expo hosts.

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The BIE at the International Association of Horticultural Producers

On Wednesday 2nd of April, representatives of the BIE took part in the annual Spring meeting of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). The BIE and the AIPH have worked together since 1960 to organize Horticultural World expos. This cooperation falls within the scope of the 1928 Convention of the BIE.

Chinese garden at the Floriade of Venlo 2012

Chinese garden at the Floriade of Venlo 2012

Horticultural Expos share the same goals as World Expos: education and progress. The magnificent gardens of Horticultural Expo "have placed at their centre the paramount issues of a healthy lifestyle, of green economy and energy, of education and innovation, of sustainable environment, and of nature as a source of inspiration for culture, arts and entertainment" analyses the BIE Secretary General in his message to the AIPH.

It is therefore not only about promoting flowers and plants, but also about understanding how good horticultural policies can have a positive impact on the sustainable management of natural resources. Developing innovative and sustainable ways to produce horticultural products can influence phenomena such as climate change and global warming.

In a world where 50% of the population lives in cities, the issue of horticulture is also crucial to ensure a healthy and sustainable urbanization. The AIPH has become a strong advocate of the Green City concept. "Plants and landscape are good for health, for wellbeing, for environmental improvement and economic performance. A Green city is a city that has the good amount of green planting and understands the value of plants in all these areas" explains Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General of the AIPH.

The next Horticultural Expos held both under the auspices of the AIPH and the BIE will be held in Antalya, Turkey in 2016.

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