Qatar develops “Green Desert” vision for Horticultural Expo 2021 Doha

During the 165th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) on 28 May, Organisers of Horticultural Expo 2021 Doha presented Member States with an overview of the event, themed “Green Desert, Better Environment”.

Jamal Al-Kaabi, Ministry of Municipality & Environment of Qatar

For Jamal Al-Kaabi, representing the Ministry of Municipality & Environment of Qatar, this theme is of major importance in the context of growing international consciousness of global warming and climate change. Expo 2021 Doha will thus aim to raise awareness of the dangers of desertification, while also inspiring visitors by proposing solutions to promote a prosperous green life in the desert.

Horticultural Expo 2021 Doha

The location of the Expo - in Doha’s Al Bidda park, close to the city’s historical centre – responds to this aim, making it easy to access for visitors and integrating an existing natural reserve with minimum disruption. Dr. Fayqa Ashkanani, Planning & Quality Department Director at the Ministry, explained that the site location means it can benefit from existing infrastructure and facilities, reducing Expo 2021 Doha’s environmental footprint.

Dr. Fayqa Ashkanani, Planning & Quality Department Director at the Ministry of Municipality & Environment of Qatar

Member States heard that the site will feature three distinct zones, with the international gardens to be located in the principal Exhibition Park. The other two zones – the Family Park and the Cultural Park – will be located nearby, featuring a range of exhibitions as well as cultural and educational activities.

In terms of the content of the Expo, Dr. Ashkanani gave more details on the theme and its four subthemes: “Modern Agriculture”, “Technology & Innovation”, “Environmental Awareness” and, “Sustainability”. Aiming at finding a degree of balance between different global goals and challenges, these subthemes “will have a wide range of applications” and will help participant countries develop their exhibition spaces and gardens.