About horticultural Expos with AIPH President Mr Vic Krahn (video)

We took advantage of the AIPH Spring Meeting last week to ask a few questions to the President of the Association, Mr. Vic Krahn on the objectives of Horticultural Expos.

In a few words:
Horticulture Expos are unique events that bring international attention to the field of horticulture and that display how horticulture can be used to develop more sustainable cities. With over 50% of the total world population living in cities today, the issue of ensuring a sustainable quality of life in urban areas has become essential. Horticultural Expos aim at sharing best practices, sharing opportunities, and raising awareness at an international level but also at a national and local level. The ultimate goal of Horticultural Expos is to boost the development of sustainable green infrastructure in cities, starting with Expo hosts.

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