The BIE celebrates its Day at EXPO Milan 2015

The BIE celebrates its Day on October 30, 2015 and this is the opportunity to celebrate the joint efforts of its member states and to thank all those who have contributed to the success of EXPO Milan 2015.

2015 bie day 01

EXPO Milan 2015 has achieved important results in many respects such as country participation, visitor attendance, pavilions quality, environmental management and new exhibition forms, among others

This success tells again a lot about the inherent sustainability of Expos. For over 160 years World Expos have helped humanity to make sense of change and to navigate through difficult times. The inherent sustainability of Expos is rooted in article one of the BIE Convention.

The celebration of the BIE Day is the occasion to recall that Expos are unique global platforms that define Education, Innovation and Cooperation as the three permanent foundations of all Expos. Each new Expo brings a new location, a new theme, a different configuration of participants, exhibitions, cultural contexts and practices that, as Milan has done, bring unique new vision to the event and to the world.

The BIE Day also celebrates Expos as a universal framework established around core values and practices that are designed to support progress, solidarity and education. EXPO Milan 2015 has been a concrete example of the ability of organisers and participants to create an event that was capable to fulfil some of the needs and expectations of the times. This conviction is a strong legacy that EXPO Milan 2015 can leave to the BIE and the Expo movement.

As previous Expos have done before, Expo 2015 Milan has planted the seeds of ideas and practices that will continue to grow through the future Expos, notably Expo Astana 2017 and Expo Dubai 2020, with the same spirit of enthusiasm, optimism and desire to continue to explore better ways to build a sustainable future.