Official Participants at EXPO Milan 2015 receive awards

Universal Expositions are unique events whose mission is to educate the public creating experiences that combine the different facets of the global society, spur creativity and exchanges. The theme of an Expo constitutes its core element, its fundament from which actions, communication, architecture and participations derive.

2015 bie awards

On the occasion of the celebration of its Day, the BIE invite the Participants in EXPO Milan 2015 to an award ceremony, in which they will receive a special recognition for their contributions and efforts in developing their theme and implementing it in the architecture, the display and the scenography of their respective pavilions.

Prizes and awards have a long-standing tradition in Expos; the first prizes and awards were granted at Expo 1851 in London. After an interruption of diverse decades, the tradition "resuscitated" at Expo 2005 Aichi in Japan (Nature's Wisdom), and became an inherent part of Expos, a communication instrument, and a driving force in the participation of the countries.

As Expos have evolved in their nature, their scope and scale, the criteria for the awards have also evolved, from innovation driven by materials and products, to a theme specifically supported by solutions and practices.

An international jury, composed experts in the fields of World Expos, architecture and exhibitions, evaluated the participants' pavilions taking into consideration aspects of participation, such as the architecture of the pavilion, innovation in design and exhibits, the messages, the flow of circulation and the environmental solutions proposed, all related to the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

The attribution of the awards reminds that Expos are places that turn the theme into an unforgettable intellectual, emotional, sensorial, cultural and architectural experience.