Kenya Week at EXPO 2015

The Kenya Week takes place from September 8th to September 12th in Milan. Within the framework of Kenya's participation in the World Exposition Milan 2015, the "Land of unlimited possibilities" is organising a series of events and initiatives on the Expo site and in the City of Milan.

2015 Kenya

In the context of its already active participation in the Coffee Cluster in Expo 2015 Milan, Kenya, with the celebration of the Kenya Week takes a step further towards the branding of the Nation via the promotion of tourism and the development of investments and trade opportunities.

On September 8th, Kenya celebrates its National Day in the presence of high-ranking personalities from the Government as well as the political, economic, business, cultural and sports sectors, who will also be present throughout the whole Kenya week.

he President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta

The President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ever since the World Expo in Munich in 1966, Kenya has participated in World Expos. Its presence in all recent editions of the Expositions (Hannover 2000, Aichi 2005, Zaragoza 2008, Shanghai 2010 and Yeosu 2012) further testifies to Kenya's willingness to contribute to the global dialogue and cooperation and solidarity events that Expos represent. This year participation at EXPO 2015 Milan is part of the strategic vision and planning of the country to position and rebrand its image, sharing with the visitors its rich coffee history, its success in energy innovation, conservation and in athletics.

Kenya at Expo Shanghai 2010

Kenay pavillion at Expo Shanghai 2010.

With a specific focus on the main theme of Expo 2015 Milan 'Feeding the planet, Energy for Life" Kenya's implication in nutrition, health and healthy living will be in the spotlights with a particularly notable and expected event: the "Kenya Expo Run" with Champions, that will take place on September 10, 2015 on the Expo Site and constitute the ultimate highlight of the Kenya Week.

In the past four months at the expo, Kenya has been promoting the country through theme-based monthly activities at its pavilion. The theme for May was iconic export products; June was tourism while July focused on investment. In August the theme for the Kenyan stand was culture while September is about agriculture and Kenya Week. October is set aside for follow-up of all activities.

A specific article on "Kenya Expo Run" will come up soon.

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