BIE-Cosmos Prize “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

The "BIE-Cosmos Prize, EXPO Milan 2015 for "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" awarded on the BIE DAY

2015 cosmos-prize

The project, "Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children", submitted by the non-governmental organisation CESAL, was awarded the BIE-Cosmos Prize on the BIE Day at EXPO Milan 2015.

"Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children" is based on comprehensive action on food safety at schools in the rural area of Fond Verrettes in Haiti. It involves training in nutrition and hygiene for the school children, their families, teachers and staff, the setting-up of a vegetable garden and a chicken farm, as well as the distribution of improved cook stoves, family-sized, which use less charcoal and firewood.

The project takes place against the backdrop of the precarious situation in the province of Fond Verrettes, where the population suffers from poverty and malnutrition, poor hygiene and health problems, and where deforestation, unproductive cropland and environmental degradation are common problems.

The project puts special emphasis on the cooperation between school staff, teachers, parents, children and local authorities to raise awareness on the need for balanced diets and food quality, thus providing an environmentally sustainable solution to fight hunger and improve health conditions.

In the context of the Millennium Goals Development and the fight against poverty and malnutrition, the introduction of new sustainable practices for people and their environment is not only an issue of local concern but affects many countries.

The project "Nutritious diet and sustainable future for Haiti's children" was selected among eight nominated projects. All of the nominated projects are considered outstanding in terms of social value, demonstrating a strong potential for sustainable effects, positive grassroots and long-term impact on the well-being of society and humanity.

The fifth edition of the BIE-Cosmos Prize will take place within the context of EXPO Astana 2017 on the theme of Future Energy.

For information on the nominated projects, please download:

The BIE-Cosmos Prize is an award given to a selected not-for-profit project pertaining to the theme of the Expo at which it is awarded.

The BIE-Cosmos Prize was created at the collaborative initiative of the BIE and the Expo '90 Foundation. At each Expo, the Prize is awarded in collaboration with the organizers of the Expo.