The symposium of Dubai: partnerships are centre stage

The Symposium on Expo 2020 Dubai


Over 200 hundred delegates of the BIE attended Dubai’s thematic symposium on the 22nd and 23rd of October. To present the outline of its Expo project and the importance of the theme in the history of Dubai, the Expo organizers brought together the highest ranking Dubai authorities and prestigious international experts.

HH Cheik Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, HE Cheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, HE Reem Al Hashimy, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs – economist and Director UN-SDSN, Tim Clark – President of Emirates Airline, Peggy Liu – President of Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy among many others were gathered to transmit their visions of the theme “Connecting minds, creating the future: Partnerships for Global innovation and sustainable development”.

What came out of the different debates that took place during the event is the intrinsic link between the theme, World Expos and Dubai, forming, in a way, an ecosystem of innovation and discussion.

Dubai sees its theme as a way to address three of the world’s challenges - opportunity, mobility and sustainability - through the lens of partnerships and cooperation. This positioning is actually part of Dubai’s DNA. It is even in its name. “The original name of Dubai meant connection” shared HE Reem Al Hashimy. Since the founder of Dubai impulsed the urbanization of the city in the 1960s, the small town in the desert became on of the world’s most modern, innovative and technological cities in the world attracting investors and workers from over 200 countries. On a daily basis, this new world hub functions on the collaboration of people from all over the world. The British president of state-owned Emirates Airline is a strong example of this multicultural exchange.

This spirit of partnership and innovation echoes the core mission of World Expos. As the Secretary General of the BIE recalled in his message “Expo 2020 Dubai, with its theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” translates the very essence of a World Expo to bring together the variety of different identities and experiences. It will be a driving force in 2020 to help unravel the complexities of our interdependent world, and moreover, to help us all understand our role within it and the best way in which we can all make a contribution.”