Dubai ends the symposium season

A view of Dubai

On the 22nd and 23rd of October, Dubai will host its symposium on Expo 2020. After Ekaterinburg, Sao Paulo and Izmir, Dubai is the last candidate city to uphold its project and present its theme "Connecting minds, building the future". Delegates of the BIE, local authorities and experts will gather for the occasion.

The theme Dubai has chosen expresses in a way the history of the city. In just a few decades, Dubai has become a business and tourism hub that welcomes millions of visitors each month. The city is built on a daily basis through the collaboration of people from different countries, cultures and religions.

Logo Dubai Expo

With the theme "Connecting minds, building the future", Dubai aims at showing the essential role partnerships play in innovation and sustainable sevelopment. Through conferences and workshops led by experts, the symposium will focus particularly on the three pillars of the Expo project : preservation and sustainable production of water and energy, the design of smarter transportation and the multiple opportunities that stem from new economic models.

After the symposium, the next step for Dubai and the three other candidate cities will be the vote on the 27th of November during the General Assembly of the BIE.