Host City 2018 conference envisions the mega-events of tomorrow

The Deputy Secretary General of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), Dimitri Kerkentzes, participated today in the ‘Host City’ global events conference in Glasgow, the United Kingdom.

The two-day conference, which gathers over 200 experts in the field of major events, ranging from logistics and security to marketing, branding and tourism, is being held under the theme “The Future of Major Events.” Organisers and promoters of global events are thus seeking to exchange and discuss new visions of mega-events, in light of changing demands, geopolitical trends and new technologies.

Host City 2018 opening session

Mr. Kerkentzes represented the BIE during the opening session entitled “Envisioning the future major events sector”. Panellists focused their attention on current trends in the organisation of major events as well as how they are expected to evolve in the future, with a particular focus on the impact of technological changes and the increased importance of sustainability.

Underlining the evolution of World Expos over the years, the Deputy Secretary General stated that “the continued success of Expos over the years is testament to the ability of the Expo format to change and adapt, reflecting the capacity of organisers and participants alike to consider not just current trends, but to anticipate future ones.”

In terms of sustainability and the impact of Expos on their host cities, “the planned development of an Expo site is closely scrutinised by the BIE during the candidature and organisational phases to ensure that the event leaves a sustainable legacy within its urban environment that benefits all citizens”, added Mr. Kerkentzes.

Known as “the largest international meeting of cities and sports, business and cultural events”, the Host City Conference and Exhibition has been organised on an annual basis since 2014. It is attended by city representatives, event organisers, suppliers, and those who hold the rights to organise global events.