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Minnesota, USA

The United States of America's bid is for a Specialised Expo in Minnesota between 13 May and 13 August 2023 under the theme "Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Wellness and Well-Being for All".

All information is provided by the candidate.

  • 1. Proposed Theme

    The United States of America is seeking to host the Specialised Expo 2023 in Minnesota under the theme of “Healthy People, Healthy Planet,” focusing on health and wellness.

    The proposed theme touches all lives, governments, and communities. If selected, the theme, developed jointly with Member States, would produce outcomes aligned to the aspirations of individual countries. The theme links to Sustainable Development Goal 3 “Ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all,” and 2023 will be the midpoint of the 15-year campaign to achieve voluntary national goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda. It would enable a range of ways for countries to participate. The Expo would help facilitate new partnerships to energise local and national efforts, and contribute to a legacy of better health for the people of the world.

    No other human endeavour comes close to the size of the medical care and wellness economy. Each year nearly USD 12 trillion is spent worldwide – accounting for one-sixth of the entire world’s economic activity.

    Minnesota is a world leader in health care. The state is frequently ranked as one the healthiest in the USA, and is a global center of excellence in medicine, wellness, and healthcare innovation. Nine Fortune 500 companies operating in the health, nutrition, medical technology, and wellness sectors are based in Minnesota and there are more than 250,000 workers in the health care sector, including those at the globally respected Mayo Clinic.

    Expo 2023 USA-Minnesota promises to welcome every country to tell its own story on health and wellness.


  • 2. Proposed Site*

    In its candidature project, the United States plans to organise Expo 2023 in Minnesota. Located just ten minutes south of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the city of Bloomington, the location would offer major advantages, including its adjacency to established light rail mass transit, lodging, attractions, and easy and close accessibility to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP).

    The site is about 25 hectares with a large amount of available space nearby. The site, which is owned by Mall of America and the City of Bloomington, would have a mix of permanent and temporary structures. The site is adjacent to Mall of America, the largest retail and entertainment attraction in the U.S.

    The location would also allow direct access to nature and greenspace, including the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, which includes dozens of kilometres of hiking, biking, and birdwatching trails.

    MSP International Airport is located seven kilometers from the site and only ten minutes by car, light rail and bus, is top rated and serves as a gateway connecting the Twin Cities metropolitan region to the world.

    The site is also extensively connected to the region by twelve light rail transit, bus rapid transit and local bus routes and the state’s busiest transit and most connected station in Minnesota. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul public transit system received the 2016 Best American Transit System award and forms the backbone for connectivity to airports, rail stations, museums, concert halls, theatres, Mall of America, sports stadiums, and other attractions for both local and international visitors.

    *The proposed site is not the one originally submitted in the bid dossier 

  • 3. About Minnesota

    Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the top regions to live, for safety, for parks, for live theatre, for cleanliness, for working women, for fitness and for many other categories. Minnesota has a population of 5.5 million with 3.5 million residents living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. 50 million people live within one day’s drive of the region.

    It has one of the United States’ lowest unemployment rates and highest rates for literacy and graduation. It is home to the University of Minnesota with 50,000 students, 26 past Nobel Prize recipients, and 7,000 international students from 135 countries.

    Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area has more Fortune 500 companies per capita and second most live theatre seats per capita in the United States. It is a banking, insurance, transportation and high technology hub for the U.S. It has a nationally renowned park and recreational system with more than 55,000 hectares of parkland and 950 lakes within the metro area.

    Minnesota has the experience and assets required to organise major events. The organising committee would use existing event management, logistics, transit, and hospitality resources used for large national and regional gatherings. Minnesota’s world-class transit and hospitality are scaled to host 1,000,000 visitors for the National Football League Super Bowl, 90,000 visitors for the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball championships, 2,000,000 visitors to the two-week Minnesota State Fair, and 40 million annual visitors to the Mall of America.


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