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Łódź, Poland

Poland’s bid is for a Specialised Expo in the city of Łódź between 15 June and 15 September 2022 under the theme “City Re:Invented.”

All information is provided by the candidate.

  • 1. Proposed Theme

    The Government of the Republic of Poland, in its bid to host Specialised Expo 2022 in the city of Łódź, proposes the theme “City Re:Invented”. This theme is based around cities invented from scratch, for their inhabitants, with the conservation of their historical and cultural heritage.

    The problems of post-industrial cities and other urban difficulties are present in every country of the world. In the 20th century, the number of people living in cities sharply increased. Managing the transformation of cities, with a view to their residents and preserving historical and cultural heritage, is a challenge common to the entire globe.

    According to OECD statistics, in 2050 the number of people living in cities will exceed 2/3 of the worldwide population. The importance of urban issues will grow and arouse an interest of various social groups. According to UN-Habitat, about 20% of urban areas require intervention, and the revitalisation of cities is needed in all regions of the world. There are different aspects to the revitalisation needed, from ensuring access to municipal utilities, through social housing, raising the standard of public spaces, involving civil society organisations in the management of cities, and revitalising post-industrial sites, to the restoration of historic buildings and areas.

    The challenges that cities deal with are often so significant that "inventing cities from scratch" is required.

  • 2. Proposed Site

    In its candidature project, the Republic of Poland aims to dedicate an area to Expo 2022 in the centre of the City of Łódź. Poland wishes to go back to the roots and history of World Expos by organising an Expo which will become a part of the city after it closes. The proposed Expo site is adjacent to the largest train station in Łódź with a direct connection (approx. 1h20m) to the largest airport in Poland.

    Moreover, Łódź, lying in the centre of Poland, is entwined with key highways. Such infrastructure would enable easy access for Expo visitors and participants. Two major axes – of the city, and of the citizen - are planned on the proposed Expo site, as an allegory of cooperation between these two key elements. Within the area, there is a symbol of the revitalisation of Łódź - EC-1 – a century-old power plant that has been transformed into a centre of science, technology and culture. Historic buildings in this area would be used and become the next business cards of revitalisation.

    New buildings would be designed to make the rapid transformation and commercialisation of the area possible just after the Expo. The bid project for Expo 2022 would represent the culmination of the revitalisation process in Łódź and at the same time would be a forum for the exchange of urban regeneration experiences for countries around the globe.

  • 3. About Łódź

    Łódź was founded in 1423. The modern city arose in the 19th century based on the textile industry. Currently, the city has around 700,000 inhabitants. The legacy of Łódź is the Art Nouveau metropolitan and industrial architecture, defining the city as the Art Nouveau jewel of Central Europe. Łódź underwent rapid development in the 19th century.

    In the 20th century, and especially the collapse of the industry that followed the end of the communist era, led to a sharp regression in development of the city. Łódź thus had to find a new philosophy of action. The response to these challenges was the idea of revitalisation, which includes both construction and economic aspects, but which first and foremost focuses on social and cultural issues.

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