The History of La Triennale di Milano

Created in 1933, La Triennale di Milano is the direct child of the Biennale of decorative arts of Monza. It is a major international event dedicated to architecture, design and craftsmanship organised by the Institution that bears the same name. The world's most famous and innovative artists have presented their work there, such as Giorgio de Chirico, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Picasso and more recently Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano. La Triennale, as it was conceived originally, is held every 3 years, lasts several months and invites all countries of the world to participate. These principles matching the BIE's criteria on International Expos have brought the Triennale into the constellation of BIE Expos as early as 1933. After the exhibition of 1996 however, the nature of the event changed. In 2016, the Triennale di Milano's 21st edition marked the rebirth of the original Triennale concept and of the collaboration of La Triennale di Milano and the BIE.