BIE is recruiting

Counsellor to the Secretary General for the Management, Administration, Promotion and Strategic Development of the BIE

The BIE is the Intergovernmental Organisation comprised of 182 Member States that oversees and regulates all international exhibitions that last more than three weeks and are of non-commercial nature. Today, 4 types of Expos are organised under its auspices: World Expos, Specialised Expos, Horticultural Expos and the Triennale di Milano.

Our mission is to guarantee the quality and the success of these world events, protect the rights of their organisers and participants and preserve their core values of Education, Innovation and Cooperation. We do this by:

  • Choosing the host countries of future Expos;
  • Providing candidate and host countries with our expertise in event management, national branding and public diplomacy;
  • Regulating the organization of the event and making sure the host country and all participants respect the Convention of the BIE and the rules of the Expo.

BIE Secretariat

The office of the Secretary General is looking for a counsellor for the Management, Administration, Promotion and Strategic Development of the BIE. This person will report directly to the Secretary General and work in close cooperation with the relevant Departments of the Secretariat as well as the BIE Committees.

Job Duties:

  1. Management, Administration, Promotion and Strategic Development of the BIE.
    • Advise and follow-up on the management of the Organisation;
    • Participate and follow-up on the promotion of the Organisation;
    • Contribute on the administration of the Organisation;
    • Aide on the Strategic Development of the Organisation and Expos;
    • Advise on certain important international activities to the Secretary General.
  2. International Activities
    • Support the Secretary General in establishing and maintaining international contacts;
    • Advise Expos during their preparation and ensure the respect and implementation of the regulations pre, during and post event.
  3. Liaison
    • Maintain close ties with the different bodies of the BIE.

Qualifications: education, experience, communication and languages

  1. Education and experience
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant discipline;
    • Minimum of ten years’ experience in management, communication or administration positions;
    • Prior experience with BIE and expo matters would be an asset;
    • Solid understanding and experience of International Organisations and their working procedures;
    • Excellent knowledge of the International Relations field and an ability to use this knowledge to promote the interests of the BIE while responding in an accurate and timely fashion requests from expos.
  2. Communication and languages
    • Excellent communication skills;
    • Fluency in one of the two official BIE languages (French and English) and knowledge of the other, with a commitment to reach a good working level;
    • Knowledge of another Member State language would be an asset.

Additional information

• Dependant on experience, annual salary will be between 60,000-75,000 EUR, plus allowances based on eligibility, exempt of French income tax.


Deadline for applications: midnight 15th March (CET)


How to apply

When applying for BIE vacancies, please only send your covering letter and CV in English or French in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All applications must be received before the closing date for the position. Please note that in accordance with the BIE Regulations, all candidates must be nationals of a BIE Member State.