Inside Expo – the vision for Dubai, and the Worker Wellness Programme

Inside Expo – the vision for Dubai, and the Worker Wellness Programme

The latest episodes of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Inside Expo podcast explore the Vision Pavilion and the story it tells of Dubai’s journey, as well as the innovative approach the Expo Organiser took to protect the health and wellness of workers on the Expo site.

‘A Space Like No Other: The Vision Pavilion’ presents Expo 2020 Dubai’s Vision Pavilion, an emotional and inspiring homage to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his vision for Dubai. The episode tells the story of how this subtle and impactful pavilion located in the Sustainability District encapsulates Dubai’s journey, its ambition and optimism for the future.

The most recent episode, ‘Connecting Tech and Health: The Worker Wellness Programme’ focuses on innovative approach Expo 2020 Dubai has taken to monitor the wellness of staff, who numbered up to 45,000 on site at the busiest period of construction. Recounting the way in which the Expo teamed up with a health tech firm to promote health and wellness, the episode looks at how wearable health technology can be a key resource to keeping workers safe.


Inside Expo is a podcast series by Expo 2020 Dubai and produced by Kerning Cultures Network.

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