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2. Project Examination Phase

Bid Dossier

After the candidature phase, all candidates present a full bid dossier based on defined specifications. These bid dossiers will be used as the basis for the work of BIE Enquiry Missions that will be carried out in candidate countries.

Enquiry Mission

Enquiry Missions are carried out by the BIE in each candidate city. These missions will assess the feasibility and viability of the Expo project, the political and social climate of the candidate country and city, and the support of the government for the project.

The following elements are evaluated:

  • The proposed theme (its definition and its content)
  • Date and duration
  • Location
  • Area of the Expo site
  • Number of expected visitors
  • Proposed measures to ensure financial feasibility and financial guarantees
  • Indicators that will allow the evaluation of the participation costs for countries and the proposed financial and material provisions to minimize this cost.
  • Attitude of relevant authorities and interested parties
  • Public support for the project
  • Environmental impact of the project
  • Plans for the communication and promotion of the project

Project Assessment

The results of the Enquiry Missions are compiled in a report, reviewed by the Executive Committee of the BIE and forwarded with advice to the General Assembly. The Members States are asked to approve or not the recommendations of the Executive Committee, based on each Enquiry Mission report, on whether each project should be considered viable or not and allowed to progress to the final vote at the following General Assembly. Once approved, the report forms the basis of evaluation by BIE Member States during the vote.

International Campaign – Project Development

In order to garner support for their Expo project, candidate countries carry out international campaigns as soon as they have submitted their bid to host an Expo.

During each General Assembly of the BIE held between the submission of the bid and the final vote, candidate countries have the opportunity to present their Expo project to delegates.

Specialised Expo 2022/23 - Bidding Process