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1. Candidature Phase

Submission of Candidatures 

The Government of the State wishing to organise the Specialised Expo 2022/23, known officially as an International Recognised Exhibition, must submit its application to the BIE mentioning the proposed theme, the proposed dates, the duration of the Expo, a guarantee of the fulfilment of its obligations, and the legal status of the organisers.

To apply for Specialised Expos, candidates must submit their applications between 5 and 6 years before the proposed opening dates of the Expo.

After one country has submitted its application to the BIE, all other countries wishing to organise the Specialised Expo 2022/23 had six months to submit their own bids. Following the application of Poland submitted to the BIE on 15 June 2016, the candidate list remained open until 15 December 2016 at 6pm (Paris time).

There must be at least 15 years between any two Expos organised in the same country. If the Government submitting the application is not the organiser of the Expo, it must officially recognise the organisers and guarantee the fulfilment of their obligations.