The clusters

Clusters are a new concept in World Expo history. Instead of being grouped geographically, countries that do not want to build an individual pavilion will be gathered according to their interests and similarities, creating thus thematic clusters where countries can share their ideas and best practices on a specific theme. With the participation of the interested countries, nine thematic clusters have been defined:

  • Agriculture and Nutrition in Arid Zones
  • Islands, Sea and Food
  • Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony
  • Rice: Abundance and Security
  • Coffee: the Engine of Ideas
  • Cocoa: the Food of Gods
  • Cereals and Tubers: Old and New Crops
  • Fruit and Legumes
  • The World of Spices

The architectural model of the Clusters provides each country with its own individual exhibition space around a multi-purpose common area developed jointly by the organizer and the participants of each cluster.

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