The General Assembly

The BIE General Assembly is the decision-making body and representative entity of the organization. Each Member State of the BIE has one vote and deliberations are valid only when two-thirds of the countries entitled to vote are present. The General Assembly is held twice a year.

Its main functions are:

  • To elect the hosts of future Expos
  • To discuss, adopt and publish regulations on the organization process of Expos
  • To approve the Bureau's budget, communication strategy and internal by-laws
  • To choose the members of each committee and elect their chairperson 
  • To appoint the BIE Secretary General
  • To amend the Convention of 1928 when necessary

The General Assembly is chaired by the President of the General Assembly who is elected by secret ballot for a period of two years from among the delegates of the Member States. The President is re-eligible for another two-year period, without interruption.

The current President of the General Assembly is Jai-chul Choi (Republic of Korea)