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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's bid is for a Specialised Expo in the city of Buenos Aires between 15 January and 15 April 2023 under the theme “Science, Innovation, Art and Creativity for Human Development. Creative industries in Digital Convergence."

All information is provided by the candidate.

  • 1. Proposed Theme

    A new age of humankind has begun. Technological development and the new languages of communication based on it are producing a change in the way the peoples of the world work, communicate, learn, develop and entertain themselves.

    The era of digital convergence has begun, and in its bid project for Expo 2023 in Buenos Aires, the Government of Argentina proposes to focus on this phenomenon as it attains full development and maturity:

    Science, Innovation, Art and Creativity for Human Development. Creative industries in Digital Convergence.

    Argentina’s vision for Expo 2023 is that for the first time, the nations of the Earth will converge in a country in the Southern Hemisphere, in Latin America, to hold an Expo where they will be able to discover the latest innovations in the technological industries, the newest proposals from the world of creativity, and multimedia, artistic, scientific and technological content from Argentina and the participating countries.

    Virtual reality, augmented reality, digital art, music, new forms of literature, dance, audiovisual, animation, gaming, photography, software development, industrial, graphic and clothing design, architecture... the disciplines are varied and cross-cutting, and have different platforms from which to develop. There are new ways of working, undertaking and developing; new paths for humankind to follow in its search for harmony, peace, integration and dialogue.

    Never before in history have tools for individual and collective development been closer at hand than with Digital Convergence. The project for Expo 2023 in Buenos Aires is to enhance even further this new stage for humankind.

  • 2. Proposed Site

    In its candidature project, the Government of Argentina proposes the site of the Expo as the Parque del Bicentenario, bordering the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and alongside the General Paz Freeway in Villa Martelli, in the district of Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires. The different highways towards the Metropolitan region ensure simple access.

    The site covers 65 hectares and boasts the best services and logistics infrastructure to host the Expo. The project envisages the addition of another 22.46 hectares, which will give a total area of 87.46 hectares, of which the exhibition area will occupy 25 hectares.

    A pedestrian bridge would link this area with the public parks of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which would add another 110.58 hectares.

    The project would thus form an integrated area of Metropolitan Parks of about 200 hectares.

    In 2023, the population residing within a radius of 500 kilometres of the site will be approximately 21.1 million people, which is 45.2% of Argentina’s total population.

    According to an estimate of per capita income in the region and the history of exhibitions held in the venue, up to 9.4 million visits can be expected, made by an estimated 6.2 million visitors (daily average of 104,500 visitors).

    The subsequent use of the venue would guarantee a permanent legacy that will be enjoyed by many generations to come. The area would be transformed into a large audiovisual public themed park, a cultural pole for science and entertainment.

  • 3. About Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the gateway to Argentina.

    It is a great capital city for cultural tourism. As a cosmopolitan, diverse and friendly metropolis that is home to different attractions, its particular culture gives the city its very identity and makes it an important tourist destination. Art, museums, tango, architecture, bookstores, the day-to-day customs of Porteños, the kindness and affection of its people, design, innovation, parks and other areas with their art and colours, neighbourhoods with their own styles and communities, fashion, cultural centres, all of these aspects have an appeal that make up a unique product for tourism.

    Forty-four million people in the country (12.8 million in the metropolitan area), more than 60,000 hotel beds, 3,000 restaurants, 130 museums and 288 theatres make Argentina, and especially Buenos Aires, one of the greatest Latin America social and cultural hotspots.

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