Samantha Dika discovers Terra

Samantha Dika discovers Terra

I am Samantha, a Flight Attendant with Emirates Airline originally from Zimbabwe. My first World Expo experience was visiting Expo 2010 Shanghai, which I enjoyed so much that I could not wait for Dubai to host Expo 2020!

Visiting Terra - the Sustainability Pavilion was an experience like no other, there is something intriguing and educational everywhere you turn. The experience of being at the pavilion opened up my eyes to the fact that WE CAN live in harmony with nature - if we just chose to, and line up small everyday decisions with this all important decision.

I hope that this video will help people get a glimpse of what to expect when the Expo opens to the public in October 2021. After all that I saw and experienced at Terra - the Sustainability Pavilion, I recommend Expo 2020 Dubai as a must see, must experience World Expo!


The Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilion Premiere offers visitors a unique opportunity to preview the Expo's Sustainability Pavilion between 22 January and 10 April.

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