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15/01/2023 - 15/04/2023

Creative industries in Digital Convergence

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Expo 2023 Buenos Aires will be the Specialised Expo where human creativity and technology come together. Under the theme "Creative Industries in Digital Convergence", this Specialised Expo will show how the world responds with creativity to today’s challenges.

The “orange economy” is characterised by the interaction between creative solutions and digital supports, showing how ideas can have a concrete impact on people’s lives and communities, and providing sustainable solutions to this century’s challenge.

Scientific and productive innovation, production and distribution of contents, art and design, software and networks, image and sound, education and culture, are just some of the topics where the exponential acceleration of technology is combined with the inexhaustible human inventiveness to create new ways of being in the world.

In a new era where different kinds of intelligence compete, the challenge is to achieve all the benefits of total connectivity. For the first time, an Expo is being hosted by a Latin American State, reaching a region with an enormous youth population, eager to live new experiences and to see the wonders of an International Exhibition. Buenos Aires, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, known worldwide for its warm welcoming, is already proudly organising this soon to be unforgettable Expo.

An opportunity that cannot be missed by any State, business, organisation, academic or community to share, debate and celebrate together one of the features that distinguish us humans: our capacity to create, enrich and improve our shared surroundings.

Creative Industires in Digital Convergence

The world is not facing an era of changes, it is facing a change of era. Digitalisation integrates, under the same scope, industries that used to be distant. Expo 2023 Buenos Aires will focus on the way creative answers take advantage of digital convergence to produce economic results, multiply employment opportunities, empower intelligence, share results, improve quality of life and generate sustainable growth.

Multimedia arts and electronics; fashion, graphic, architectural and industrial design; software production; applied computer science and artificial intelligence; video games and animation cinema; e-commerce and content marketing; content transmedia creation and distribution; interface and wearable design; cinematographic and publicity production; robotics and home automation; are just some of the disciplines that, in an idea-intensive economy, generate new opportunities for all.

Expo 2023 Buenos Aires will be a unique and original opportunity for every State to show the world their particular way of integrating both dimensions and what makes them unique.

The Expo is located in the Parque del Bicentenario, “Tecnópolis”, bordering the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and alongside the General Paz Highway in Villa Martelli, within the district of Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires Province. It covers 65 ha and provides the best infrastructure in services and logistics to organise the Expo, through a transport network integrated by four airports, eight train lines, seventeen highways, seven Bus Rapid Transit lines and one subway.

The project includes the incorporation of 22.46 additional hectares, with a total of 87.46 ha., of which the exhibition area will occupy 25 ha. A pedestrian bridge will link this area with public parks of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, incorporating 110.58 ha. The presence of institutions and businesses associated with creative industries in the surroundings of the site will allow the creation of a vast creative district. The Expo will be developed in the centre of this district, and reconverted into a 200 ha. public space, a creative businesses campus, the new “Tecnópolis” fair, a convention centre and a telecommunications antenna, resulting in a new urban hub.

Including the international pavilions, auditoriums, the press centre, the thematic pavilions, the Argentine pavilion and the logistics area, the Expo will cover almost 125,000m2. There will be an estimated 6.2 million visitors (with an average of 104,500 visitors per day), according to per capita incomes of the region and the history of exhibitions and fairs held in the site.
The use of the site can guarantee a permanent legacy for future generations. The area will be transformed in a grand public and audio-visual themed park, a science and entertainment cultural centre and a great green lung.

Buenos Aires is the gateway to Argentina. Its tourist and cultural attractions make it a destination that receives visitors all year round: art, museums, tango, architecture, bookstores, the affection of its people, design, innovation, its neighbourhoods with their particular styles all make it a friendly and diverse city with its own identity.

Buenos Aires’ trajectory as an organiser of major events and congresses places it 1st in the Americas and 11th in the world ranking of the International Congress & Conventions Association - ICCA 2017. Two mega-events stand out in the 2018 international calendar: the Olympic Youth Games, with the participation of 206 countries, of which the future Expo 2023 site is one of the four venues; and the G20 Summit of Leaders.