Category A1 International Horticultural Exhibition

14/04/2022 - 09/10/2022

Growing Green Cities

Official Designation
The International Horticultural Expo ‘Expo 2022 Floriade Almere, the Netherlands

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Floriade Expo 2022 is a Category A1 International Horticultural Exhibition, accredited by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) on 1 September 2015 and recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) on 15 November 2017. Exhibits and presentations at Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam-Almere will address how the Green City concept can be expressed and how urban challenges like feeding the city, improving the health of citizens, ensuring enough green space and reducing energy consumption will be tackled.

Floriade Expo 2022 will consist of inspiring exhibits from countries around the world, communicating their vision of the Green City. These exhibitions will be situated in a unique Green City Arboretum, covering the entire Expo site. The arboretum itself will be a complete catalogue of trees, plants and crops, arranged in alphabetical order.

Country pavilions with gardens will be so-called ‘Green Embassies’, reflecting those countries’ vision on life in the Green city of the future. Built from sustainable materials with surprising designs and solutions, these displays will also be part of the future city district after the Expo.

The inspiring programme and sparkling line-up of events and festivities will ensure that Floriade Expo 2022 will be a lively and dynamic place to be. Each day will bring something new to discover and experience. There will be workshops, pop-ups, art installations, as well as meet-and-greets, cultural events and entertainment - all contributing to make Floriade Expo 2022 a success.

The overall theme of Floriade Expo 2022 is "Growing Green Cities". The Earth has seven billion inhabitants. More than 50% of them now live in cities. By 2050 this percentage will have increased to nearly 70%. With continued, relentless urbanisation, there is no other option than to look for ways of keeping our cities safe, healthy and attractive - to find a better balance between ‘grey’ and ‘green’. In this context, four subthemes have been developed:

  • Greening the city - Parks and green structures, which make cities more attractive

  • Feeding the city - Food production, safety and food security solutions

  • Healthying the city - The contribution of green structures to a healthy living environment, as well as the contribution made by green spaces to the physical and mental vitality of city inhabitants

  • Energizing the city - Sustainable energy solutions, as well as the contribution of green spaces towards a vital city.

The Floriade Expo 2022 site landscape will be developed as a Green City Arboretum. All exhibitions are situated in this ‘arboretum’: a catalogue of trees enriched with plants, crops and flower bulbs, arranged in alphabetical order. Each item has a demonstrable function in the context of a green city. For example, some will lower a city’s temperature, others will store water, clean the air, or create energy.

Each plot within the Expo grounds will be allocated a letter of the alphabet. A 4-metre wide strip around each plot will contain plants and trees, the Latin names of which start with the letter allocated to the plot.

Participants are invited to choose a lot with planting that bears a relationship to their exhibit, country or city of origin. Each plot has a net surface area of 920 m2, and participants may choose to occupy this as a whole, or partial lot. Their exhibits will reflect the Floriade theme and at least one subtheme.

Almere is a New Town. It is only 40 years ago that the first pile was sunk in the reclaimed ground, and the first inhabitants settled in this new, polder city. Today, 220,000 people live in Almere and the city, within the European context, is seen as a successful example of a planned city within a greater, metropolitan area. Due to its location in the province of Flevoland, Almere is 2 to 5 metres below sea level. This southern part of Flevoland, the Flevopolder, is the largest artificial island of the province and was formed from land reclaimed from the Zuiderzee. Dykes, locks and pumps today take care of water management, as this polder area lies below the level of the surrounding water. Almere is growing fast and aims to be the fifth-largest city in the Netherlands by 2030. A stone’s throw from the tourist hot-spot of Amsterdam, which draws more than 17 million tourists per year, Almere forms part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.