World Exhibition

15/05/1855 - 15/11/1855

Agriculture, Industry and fine arts

Official Designation
Exposition Universelle des produits de l’agriculture, de l’industrie et des beaux-arts de Paris 1855

Area (ha)


Participants (Countries)

The exhibition of Agriculture, industry, and the Fine Arts of Paris 1855 was born from the Decree of March 8, 1853, by Napoleon III. An exhibition relating to the industry and agricultural products was first created. An exhibition of fine arts was later added in a separate building.

An important diplomatic event

This exhibition was very important at the diplomatic level because of the visit of Queen Victoria of England. She recognized the rise of Napoleon III to power, showing solidarity between the monarchs and established a very close relationship with him that lasted until the death of Napoleon III.

A display of inventions

During the exhibition, an important number of machines made their first appearance before a large audience. Indeed the visitors discovered for the first time the lawn mower, Moore's washing machine, Singer's sewing machine, the speaking doll, the six-shooter (revolver) and one of the first vehicles running on oil. The Saint-Gobain factory exposed the biggest mirror in the world with a surface of 18,4 sq. m.