Interview with Mr Elazar Cohen, Commissioner General

Leading in the area of ​​agricultural technologies, Israel is also a major exporter of fresh produce almost reached food self-sufficiency. Thanks to its expertise that the country can face the challenges its climate and land. His participation in Expo Milano 2015 is an opportunity to share its expertise and technologies with other participants and visitors. A The exhibition presents with a living vertical field of 70 meters long and 12 meters high. Impressive architecture that has an important message: "Even if we are physically too small to feed the world, we present here our commitment to share our expertise and technological innovation of fruit for a better future."

1. The theme of the Israel Pavilion is "The fields of tomorrow." Could you explain why you chose this theme? What are the messages?

Since this is my first experience as a Commissioner General of Section, before defining the theme of our pavilion and propose to our government, we studied in detail "The theme of the Guide" supplied by the Organisers.

The overall theme of the Expo "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life" is quite suitable for our country. Indeed, the limited resources of water and soil are a challenge for our agriculture and our economy.

When we chose the theme of "Fields of tomorrow" for our flag, we first concentrated on content rather than on the architecture of the pavilion. Therefore, the message that the address flag is a colorful message (like our logo) with a country that has to face the challenges. We have therefore chosen to present the theme through the story of a family of farmers that cater to all visitors and have their lives, their evolution and their achievements. "Fields of tomorrow" is not just a theme for us is a real value and a constant challenge: Technology and scientific research in Israel must be able to provide a better future for generations to come, at any children of the world and hope.

2. The theme deals with sustainable development. Could you expand on that and give us sustainable aspects of the pavilion (in terms of construction, presentation and even exposure)?

Israel combines ancient traditions and highly advanced technology. Sustainable development is, indeed, an essential part of our overall concept. Our lodge meets the highest ecological standards certification (LEED: advanced design on the energy and environmental plans) and is designed to reflect the theme and Agriculture of Israel. That is why the main structure is a field. In addition, we created a completely recyclable, sustainable and responsible architecture.

As theme of the treatment, we left ancestral irrigation principles that not only save water but also reduce pollution. We have developed our presentation on the evolution of agriculture in our country that combines technological advances with traditional craftsmanship.

Advanced technologies such as recent methods of drip-drop computerized irrigation systems also consider a greener future. One could imagine a city of the future, in which the seeds grow on buildings ...

3. What image of Israel do you want visitors keep finishing the visit flag?

We hope that visitors discover the different faces, different atmospheres of our country. We present them a land that unites innovation and tradition, a country that could inspire. We want to touch the heart of the visitors and arouse their interest and curiosity. We want them to leave our pavilion with positive feelings. We have made the strategic choice to present our concept in two rooms and by using visual presentations so that visitors perceive and receive the messages clearly.

4. What are your first impressions and conclusions after the first 45 days of experience Expo 2015?

We have very positive feedback on our pavilion, a strong interest from Italian and international media. We receive every day a large number of visitors and many people choose our vertical field as background for photos (selfies). We designed our flag and our presence at Expo Milano 2015 in order to strengthen our bilateral relations with Italy and other countries and our trade relations. That is why we organize around our presence seminars and meetings on the theme of the Expo and our pavilion to develop cooperation.

We are pleased that our pavilion forbid and inspires visitors. Moreover, the recent celebration of our National Day was a resounding success shared at different levels. In addition, the flag of Israel hosts a calendar of events, discussions, concerts, major exhibitions and competitions, readings and events with artists, experts, designers and Israeli innovators.

We are delighted to welcome visitors until 31 October on the exhibition site and then in Israel.

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