Walt Disney and World's Fairs, Part 3

When writing parts 1 and 2 about the connections between Walt Disney, the company he founded, and world's fairs, I hadn't planned on writing a part 3, but apparently, the story won't end just yet.

Every world's fair since 1984 has had a mascot, a character designed to anthropomorphize the ideals of the expo and appeal to younger guests. As you might imagine, it's a challenging and rewarding task and the most successful mascots go on to embody the expo and its ideals long after the event's closing day.

In finding their own mascot, the organizers of Milan's Expo 2015 have chosen to seek help from the creative forces of The Walt Disney Company Italia. It's unclear when the mascot will be unveiled, but it's a sure bet that it will be a compelling character that will engage audiences around the topic of "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life," the theme of Milan's world's fair.

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